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The Ultimate Aircraft Anti-Theft System

Protect Your Aircraft with D&K's Patented Battery Lock

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Aircraft owners and pilots alike are very concerned about additional restrictions being put on personal aviation.  We all know the first time a private aircraft is involved in a terrorist act anywhere in the world, many additional rules and regulations will be enacted that will have a major effect on general aviation.

A simple device like D&K's battery lock or a reinforced cockpit door will not stop a determined terrorist, but when devices such as these are well-known to exist in the industry, they may turn their attention to easier targets.

This simple locking device will disable the airplane's battery from the electrical system and render the aircraft useless.  Since the device must be removed before flight, no agency approvals are required.

The battery lock is constructed using a tough, space-age plastic polymer and a seven pin round ball bearing lock that is all but impossible to pick.  They can be keyed alike for fleets and an emergency replacement for a lost key can be produced by a local locksmith using a secure serial number system.

The battery lock is now available for only $245, plus shipping and handling.  CLICK HERE to order online.

To place an order via e-mail, please e-mail the quantity desired to  Once your inquiry is received, payment instructions will be forwarded to you.  Orders will ship within 24 hours of payment.

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