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Protect Your Aircraft with D&K's Patented Battery Lock

The Ultimate Aircraft Anti-Theft System

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Battery Lock

Battery Lock secures your aircraft on the ground by disabling the battery when installed.  With the battery disabled, would-be criminals are prevented from flying or even starting the aircraft.

Installing and later removing Battery Lock on your aircraft battery is extremely easy and can be accomplished using only one hand, even in tight or cramped spaces.

The device is manufactured to fit perfectly into aircraft battery terminals and locks using a seven pin, round ball bearing lock.  This nearly un-pickable design keeps the battery disconnected from the aircraft's electrical system, rendering it completely inoperable.  When you are ready to take off, simply unlock and remove Battery Lock from the aircraft battery using one hand.  It's that simple!

Keep your aircraft secure and order Battery Lock today.

The battery lock is now available for only $245, plus shipping and handling.  CLICK HERE to order online.

To place an order via e-mail, please e-mail the quantity desired to  Once your inquiry is received, payment instructions will be forwarded to you.  Orders will ship within 24 hours of payment.

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